EV Groups Nexus Steering Committee

The Nexus is an association of fully independent clubs from around the UK and Ireland. The steering committee is made up of various volunteer club admins from around the group.

Jon Brooks

Jon, otherwise known as BeadyMcBeardface, is the founder of Kent EVs and has been in the Nexus since it’s inception.

Ian Tomlins

Ian is the founder of the SouthWest EV Owners Group and is a very active member of the community.

Heather Kennedy

Heather is the founder of the Scottish EV Owners group and is very active with all elements of the Scottish EV scene.

Steve Green

Steve is one of the admins of Kent EVs, he is involved in arranging meetups and is an active participant in the running of the Nexus. Steve is also massively obsessed with motorbikes.

Warren Phillips

Warren is one of the admins of Sussex EVs as well as being EV Network and Community Lead of the Electric Vehicle Association of England. Warren is active in building the community and developing new industry relations.

Joff Lee

Joff is the founder of the Mid and West Wales EVs group and a keen advocate of all electric vehicles. Joff spends too much of his time pondering life’s important quandaries, such as: what is the electric-vehically correct way of saying “Petrol-head”

Elinor Chalmers

Elinor is a Director at EVA Scotland and a very active member of the Scottish EV Community.